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Cholera outbreak

For everything that has not improved since the earthquake, one positive thing had so far been no major disease outbreaks. Now: “Government officials confirmed a cholera outbreak in the Département Artibonite. The Ministry of Health reported the worst-affected areas were … Continue reading

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Health care and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Check out this interesting article which highlights the importance of logistics, ‘basic’ things development projects might sometimes mistakenly take for granted, and thinking sustainably. Excerpt: “Until 2008 Kotelo could visit only three villages a week, because he had to reach them … Continue reading

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In the mountains to Ka-Blain

On Saturday I went to visit ‘Ecole Soleil d’Hollande’, a school of Stichting Naar School in Haiti. After about one and a half hour driving up, down and around mountains (but for a total of only about 20 or 25 km), Bastien … Continue reading

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Some photos in Port-au-Prince

Something to give a little taste of details in the city (sorry about the poor quality, these were mainly taken from the car): Bastien (the driver) and I are stuck in traffic between one and three hours a day. I’ve arrived a … Continue reading

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